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OH MY LORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry about the yelling but I just can't take it. I just submitted my app today to get on waiting list at my CC. well apparently the waitlist is already up to 465!!! ... Read More

  1. by   VickyRN
    Oh PS to the above. A local teaching hospital is importing nurses like crazy from Canada and the Philippines and anywhere else on God's green earth they can find. This institution is hundreds of nurses short. At the same time, our local economy is belly-up (NAFTA, tobacco farmers not doing well, did I mention NAFTA???) with 10% unemployment rate and new people getting laid off weekly. We had 350 applicants for 42 slots in this upcoming year's ADN program. The reason we can not take more applicants and help out our locals who WANT decent, marketable job skills? NOT ENOUGH NURSING FACULTY DUE TO EXTREMELY LOW SALARIES!!! Now, does it make any sense at all to import foreigners to take valuable local jobs which people in the area WANT TO DO if they just had the opportunity to train???
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  2. by   KrisRNwannabe
    Thanks for everyone's words of encouragement. I guess I will just have to stick it out and wait. I keep thinking about BSN programs but with my situation they are really just not doable. I must continue to work 40 hrs. with the adn program it won't be bad but when you have all those theory classes same time as clinicals it is just too hard. i am just kinda bummed but i will deal.