I took my NET last night

  1. That test was soooo easy......it was sooooo easy that it is scaring me. I studied so hard, thinking that it was going to be lot of algebra, geometry, etc. But there wasn't any. I finished all of the sections except for Section 6. The dingy testing administrator that we had, had previously told us that we wouldn't be time on Section 6. She told us that we should go on to 7 and then we could leave. Well 20 minutes into Section 6 she calls "TIME!!" We were like, "WHAT!!!!". So a lot of words got exchanged, and she said she didn't tell us this....yada-yada-yada....I was like whatever!!!....I only had 6 questions left. A lot of people just bubbled in any answer. I guess I should've done that too....I don't know. I should find out around June 15 if I'm accepted for the Fall 2002 program or not. :roll

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  3. by   subec

    From what I understand, your NET score is based on how many questions you answered, not on the number of questions on the test---so you should be fine. Congratulations on being done with that. I had to take it back in October, and I was expecting it to also be more difficult.

    Good luck with school.