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I took a test today in Med-Surg, and I think I totally bombed out. And to make matters worse, I changed three answers, only to find out after the test, the answers I changed were right to begin with!... Read More

    Hi Julie...

    I can't really give you any advice about test anxiety. Telling you to "just relax" would be really idiotic because that's not possible. You will get through. We all hit it in one point or another during nursing school.

    I will echo the words of a previous poster "NEVER CHANGE YOUR ANSWERS!"

    Please keep us posted!

  2. by   docsullivan
    Hi, Julie.
    In all my years, I have never met a nurse who couldn't admit to not doing well on at least one assignment. I know that I personally BOMBED an exam in my senior year - in my chosen area!! Now, I teach nursing and have finished a doctoral degree while maintaining a husband and three children. I KNOW how you feel!

    The main point here is: What is done is done. Grieve, and then move on to the next test. I agree that a 5-6 hour class is very demanding, and I support the suggestion that you tape the lectures. Be sure you review the course objectives so you know what your faculty see as important, join a study group if you can, and most of all, hang on to the verse in your signature. You CAN do all things through Him, and He DOES give you strength!!

    God bless you, keep us posted.