I sent this to my classmates

  1. We have 3 clinical days, three classes and two tests before graduation on the 15th. The post had a subject line of: NSA - nursing students anonymous

    My name is Cindy, I’m a nursing student.

    I have admitted I am powerless over my classes – that for the last 22 months my life has been unmanageable.

    I have made a decision to turn my life over to a Higher Power (s) – my instructors.

    I’ve made a moral inventory of myself and asked my Higher Power(s) to remove my shortcomings. I have been ready for my Higher Power(s) to remove defects in my character, cowering during clinicals in fear that my Higher Power of the day would ask me about the method of action for the drugs of my patients.

    I’ve prayed for the same knowledge as my Higher Power(s), or the intelligence to speak with authority even when I have absolutely no idea which acid-base indicators are presented to me.

    I’ve made a list of all persons who may have been harmed by me during these last 22 months and I plan to tell them "Be glad it wasn’t a homicide investigation."

    I understand that now I will always be interested in discussing such things like bowel resection over a good meal.

    Having had a spiritual awakening in these last 22 months, I will carry forth this message to other nursing students:

    *Your Higher Power(s) will lead you towards the still waters, they will restore your soul……oh wait, that’s something else. Your Higher Power(s) will lead you through the chaos of nursing school kicking and screaming until suddenly you are at the end….and you’ve survived.

    *Those who journey with you can be your support or a hindrance, but YOU can be the class entertainment if you use your internet service wisely.

    *LAUGH………….it’s easier to explain than tears.

    *Food days can break the tension/monotony/stress of class.

    *The Higher Power(s) said "You will not be the same at the end of your schooling" and they were right.

    (My apologies to Bill W.)
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  3. by   Catma63
    HAHAHAAAA...I love that!! This is hilarious!
  4. by   LydiaGreen
    Hope you don't mind - I've printed it out to present to my nursing instructor (the one that has been there with all of us through thick and thin for the last three years) - she'll get a real kick out of it. And, the timing is perfect - we graduate on the 15th.
  5. by   RNKITTY04
    Absolutly perfect I also sent it to my favorite instructor who said she was going to print it and give it to the incoming freshman. Thank you