I saw my first surgery yesterday!

  1. Hi all, I volunteered at the OR yesterday like I do every Friday, but yesterday they let me watch my first surgery. It was a c-section. I was really happy about that because I had a c-section at the old Navy hospital here on base before they built the new one. I got dressed up in the scrubs that they gave me to wear and the things to cover my shoes, my hair, and the mask. I went into the OR and had to sit on a stool until they did her spinal anesthesia. Once they got started, I was allowed to walk around. I just couldn't touch anything since I hadn't scrubbed. I was a bit worried that I would get nauseaus or dizzy or something since I am still a bit sick from the salmonella. I didn't get any of those things though. I even saw her external oblique muscles which will be on my anatomy test on Tuesday. I guess I won't get that question wrong at least. I was surprised a bit by a couple of things. First they really had to pull pretty hard to get the uterus in a place where they could get the baby. Then when they cut, there was so much fluid that came rushing out. There was also a lot of stitching that they had to do. It was just so incredible though to see this surgery taking place and all of a sudden they had the baby in their hands and after suctioning a bit, he started to cry. I felt so lucky to be allowed to share in his first few minutes of life. I got tears in my eyes. Another amazing thing other then it just being a c-section and her having a boy is that the baby's name was Anthony. That is my son's name. The reason I think this is amazing is that I believe in signs. I think God shows us signs for us to help make better decisions that will make our lives happier and enable us to better help others. I really believe that the way everything worked out yesterday is definately a sign that I should be not only a nurse, but probably a surgical nurse. I know I will never forget my first experience in the OR. One of the nurses even told me that while I am working there, I will probably be able to learn to draw blood, take ekg's, take vital signs, and maybe even more. I have done vitals when I was a CNA, but that was a long time ago and I could definately use a refresher. I wanted to share this with all of you, but I also was wondering if any of you have any particular story that you would like to share about a specific instance that really touched your heart and made you know that you were exactly where you should be and doing what you should be doing.
    Bye for now, Kimberly
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  3. by   GPatty
    I think surgery is awesome too!
    My kids and husband think I am weird though....
  4. by   Perk
    Ahh very jealous of you. it sounded great. I still haven't gone to OR and I was actually supposed to but our prof didn't feel it was wise to take time off from actually patient care to observe in OR. Oh well. Have a good one