I need ideas for a research question

  1. Hi all
    My next assignment requires me to do a literature review (peer evaluated research from at least 11 different literature) resulting in a research question. The research question needs to be clinically based. If you have any suggestions for a research question please let me know - this would be greatly appreciated. I'm swamped down with other assignments and am having trouble thinking!!
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  3. by   iiwdn
    How about outcome based medical intervention in otherwise natural childbirth. It seems in my experience many, many medical interventions (eg. breaking water,monitors: exterior and interior, vaccuum extractors, tongs, etc. are initiated rather because of Dr.'s schedules than medical necessity for mother or child.
    I know some midwives with great resources.
  4. by   Deejay
    Thank you for replying so quickly. I haven't had any of my practicum placements in this area so don't really know alot about it, but will definately keep it in mind as it sounds interesting.
  5. by   susi_q
    Two that I can think of off hand ...

    NPO status prior to surgery (lots of current research, that is largely ignored by status quo )

    Medication of fever - particularly juvenile. (U of M has some good current research, I have seen some others as well) - again it's gonna be a hard habit to break!

    Have fun - as dry as research sounds, the more we base our practice in contemporary research, the better our results will be, and the more secure our jobs will be!
  6. by   NurseWeasel
    Some of the projects in our class were: Is Therapeutic Touch effective in reducing pain & anxiety and returning vital signs to patient's baseline? and something about the influence of BSN vs. ADN staffing on overall patient mortality on a given floor. There was also one on patient satisfaction ratings being correlated to male vs. female nurses (this one was done by a mostly male group of nursing students, wanting to show that patients were more satisfied when cared for by men). Think of something that interests you, come up with a very specific hypotheses you'd like to test, and go for it! Good luck.
  7. by   AllyZ
    I just finished the same project. I did "granny pregnancies" the outcomes of pregnancies of mom's over 40. I also did follow of NICU babies when they are school age and what special services they need. Both were pretty interesting.
  8. by   CPB
    I'm getting ready to start research on advance directives. I am particularly interested in researching how to deal with family members who disagree with their loved ones advance directives, and I'm also interested in the legal aspect and how family members can dispute advance directives when their loved ones can not speak for themselves. Anyway, just a couple of ideas for you. I've found a lot of good material on the subject already.
  9. by   jeepgyrl24
    How about "Percentage of people on antibiotics who acquire C-Diff during hospitalization".
  10. by   GPatty
    All these sound pretty interesting! You guys have some good ideas!