I need help

  1. Can someone please help me out here. I am trying to get into school and I need to find out what other programs are out there for me to get money assitance for school. Thanks
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  3. by   CT Pixie
    There are all kinds of grants, loans ,scholarships available. Your best place to start is the Financial Aid dept of the school you want to attend.

    there are Stafford loans from the government that are available to everyone, there are government grants that you don't have to pay back.

    I got an unsubsodized Stafford loan and a subsodized Stafford loan, what those two didn't cover I got a personal loan thru Sallie Mae.

    Actually thats a place to start looking at to see the different loans, grants etc that are out there.
  4. by   wannabesedated
    Talk to your bank manager.. That's where I went for help. Luckily, he was a young guy right out of university himself so he was very understanding! He says since I'm in a professional faculty I am eligible for a credit line .. I have had one for 3 yrs, but just increased my amt. this summer. Along with that, I save my money like crazy so I don't have to use up my entire credit line, esp. not right away..
  5. by   sphynx2007
    Thanks so much for that info CT. pixie. I have already applied to fafsa but I want to make sure that i am able to get something to help me with school. I will check out the grants and things. Thanks again