I need help becoming a RPN!!!

  1. I am trying to become a RPN I am enrolled in Practical Nursing program starting in Semptember at St. Clair College in Windsor Ontario but when I graduate in 2 years what then?...how do I get registered?...can I work in the states?....what if later on I want to become a RN? can I? any information anyone has to help me is great appreciated

    thank you
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  3. by   loriangel14
    ok. calm down.It will be ok. After you are finished school you will write your licensing exam for the College of Nurses of Ontario and then if you pass you will become registered. In between finishing school and becoming registered you can work under a temporary license. They will explain all of this when you start school.There a few bridging programs for getting your RN degree and more are being developed. I think it takes 3 years for the bridge.I don't know if the RPN maked it possible to work in the states. You may need to have your degree, there are no diploma RN programs offered in Ontario any more.
    I am in the part time program and I am finished classes in 5 weeks!
    After that I have 14 weeks of placement then 12 weeks of consolidation and I write my exam in September.
    Any questions don't hesitate to ask.