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I was at weight watchers last night when I overheard a person talking about how she is a nurse. I asked her what kind of nurse she was and how long she had been working. She said that she was a... Read More

  1. by   Carolanne
    A nurse w/ 30 years under her belt may look at a newcomer with a little envy or jealousy that you're just starting out and are eager to learn and go get 'em. I've found that older nurses sometimes see that as a threat, their notch on the totem pole is being threatened.
  2. by   mauser
    I guess I am taking the nurse's response differently than most of you. As an MT of 25+ years, I have had MT-wannabes and newbies, etc., that are all excited and want to talk about a job that I have been doing forever. Often my answers are brief (could be taken as short, abrupt, sharp). I mean no disrespect to these "students," but I have answered questions from MANY who think they are gonna light the world on fire - when they haven't got a clue. Maybe the well-seasoned nurse was just wary of starry-eyed students.

    She probably doesn't even realize that you think she "snapped" at you. I try not to take others' moods personally. It makes life a lot easier.

    Just a thought.....

    (just my MT-editing perfection kicking in!)