I have a question concerning a question?!?!

  1. While reviewing my Med-Surg notes I came across a chapter question that is causing me some confusion, so I need some imput before I e-mail the instructor.
    Here is the question.

    A client, recently placed in balanced suspension traction for treatment of a compound fracture of the left femur, ask the nurse, "How long am I going to have to stay in this contraption?" The nurse replies, "Treatment in balanced suspension usually last about....
    A. 4 weeks
    B. 6 weeks
    C. 8 weeks
    D. 3 months

    The book says that treatment with balanced traction last 8-12 weeks. I hope I am not having a dumb moment but, isn't 3 months and 12 weeks the same amount of time? I guess some months do have five weeks...right... Or, since the books says 8-12 weeks, is the answer C because it specifically says "weeks".

    The questions in the NCLEX book seem easier than the instructors questions!
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  3. by   MaggieJo
    Hahahaha Wish that I could help you, but I can't. Sometimes I have trouble answering those multiple choice, multiple correct answer questions. I just wanted to say, that is such a "nursing question". And the instructors wonder why we have problems on the exams!! Sorry, I just thought that question is the epitome of what my class went through last semester!!! Really, if you don't think about how frustrating they are, it's really hilarious!
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  4. by   kwagner_51
    I'd go with the 8 weeks C answer because that is the LEAST amount of time the pt. will be in traction. The nurse can explain that each person is different and that it could last as long as 12 weeks, but the norm is 8 weeks.

    Let us know what the answer is.
  5. by   shhh5683
    When we specifically went over this in med surg, we were told that they are in traction for 6 weeks. And my instructor went over this many many times and specifically said that it would most likely be on the boards. Good luck.