I had the most wonderful clinical day!

  1. I am so pleased with my L&D rotation! I have wanted to be either an L&D RN or NICU RN for the past ten years and today I got to shadow both positions. It was truly a great clinical day!

    I started my day in the NICU. They were very busy and I was allowed to shadow a wonderful RN who could not have been nicer. Once she saw that I was comfortable with the babies & equipment, I was allowed to do VS & feed three growers. The unit was very welcoming to me as a student and it was such a great experience.

    After lunch, my clinical instructor wanted me to observe a C-Section (my first!) It was an unplanned C-Section and she was a young Mom G2/P1. Her partner was with their 3 year old and unable to go into the OR with her, so I was pretty much her support coach during the procedure.

    I did not get to "see" the section, since I was at the Mom's head, but I held her hand and comforted her the entire time. Once the baby was born and evaluated, they wrapped him up and gave him to me to hold on his Mom's chest. It was amazing... We both started to cry!

    After, the Mom thanked me for staying with her and told me how much I had helped her. It was a great feeling...

    Hope everyone's clinical is going well!
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  3. by   chilloutrelax
    Sounds wonderful L&D was wonderful for me too. I loved it! Nice to get a thankyou, I wish they knew how much we appreciate that.
  4. by   Mariposa19
    The most important impact we can have on our patients is to comfort them. Congratulations! Sounds like the mother was lucky to have you around today!