I *FINALLY* made a decision!!

  1. I've decided to go to the more expensive, Catholic college instead of the community tech. I sent in my paperwork and deposit today.

    It is such a relief to finally have decided. The cost was really the only issue that concerned me, but other than that it offered everything I wanted. I would have had to go in the evening with the other program, which is NOT what I wanted, plus it was Thursday and Friday evenings, and possible some Saturdays. NOT what I was looking for.

    Plus I can retain full-time status by taking courses to work toward a BSN, and with the full-time status I can use the $20K scholarship they gave me, another big plus.

    So, with all of that, I ordered my stethoscop (Littman Classic II S.E.) and safety goggles. Also ordered some Nursemates shoes - though they say no sneakers allowed in this program, the shoes I ordered at Nursemates (which are allowed) that look like sneakers, so I'm not sure if they'll allow them or not. I'm looking on eBay for a nursing watch. I also have to order my uniforms through a certain supplier, because they have to be embroidered with the school name. They said to order 2 sets, but I think I'm going to do 4 sets. I hate doing laundry, and even as a stay-at-home-mom now with 4 kids and DH, I only do it 2x a week. I can only imagine I'll be doing it less often with a 2+ hour commute each day!

    So, that's it! I'm going to write a letter to the other program, thanking them for the offer but letting them know I won't be attending. I know there are probaby 100 other applicants they can offer it to right away, and it wouldn't be fair to let that person wait any longer. I remember being in that awful position.
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  3. by   manna
    Congrats on your acceptance, sounds like you're getting all geared up to go! When do classes begin?

    I'm still waiting on the enrollment packet from my school (although I got an acceptance letter it was just that, a letter - they're sending all the other information once we accept our position in the class)
  4. by   RedSox33RN
    I'll be starting in September. As soon as they get my deposit, they're going to send out a packet with all the info I need. I did find out that I'll have lecture on M & W from 7:30 to 10:15, and clinicals on Tuesday from 7 - 3.

    I'm hoping that they include a list of all the books I need, so I can gradually start buying them. Hurts the pocketbook a little bit less!! :chuckle

    I'm also applying for a few more scholarships. My small little town offers a $750 one to any adult woman going back to school to change careers. I will probably have a good shot at that, since many years it goes unfulfilled.

    I hope you get your stuff soon! The waiting stinks! Although it's not as bad as waiting for the acceptance letter.