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  1. A child with a NG tube set to low continuous suction has an IV of D5 1/4NS with 20meq KCl/L infusing @ 25ml/hr. The NG drainage is to be measured every 4 hours and the amount of drainage replaced with a second IV of 1/2 NS. The maximum hourly rate for this child is 35ml/hr. The child has 30 ml NG drainage. What is the infusion time of the replacement IV fluid?
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  3. by   Jolie
    It is common to replace NG output with IV fluids in children. Usually the NG output is totaled every 4-8hours, and then replaced over the next 4-8 hours with the same amount of fluid, given IV.

    This child had 30cc of NG output in 4 hours. 30cc/4hr = 7.5 cc/hour of replacement fluid to be given for the next 4 hours.

    The child's maintenance IV is running at 25 cc/hr, and you will be administering an additional 7.5cc/hr for the next 4 hours. That comes to a total of 32.5cc/hr for the 4 hour period, which does not exceed the child's maximum IV rate.
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