I did it, I did it, I did it!!!!

  1. So the last 3.5 days before my final I studied a total of 40 some hours. I was TOTALLY freaked!! I felt like the more I studied the night before, the more I forgot! I went in feeling squeemish! I came out with an 86!!!! Hello third semester!!! I feel so wonderful, words cant explain!!! Its amazing what a lil hard work and some help from above will do! I just had to share, I felt really bad going into this final. It feels so good to just relax now......well for a short while anyways. School starts again on the 21st of this month. Anyone done med-surg yet? How do they teach injections and how to start ivs?

    Well im gonna rest some more!

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  3. by   *Blessed2BaNRS*
    Hi momma,
    Congratulations on your grade. Hard work does pay off in the end!! I can't help you on the med-surg yet, as I don't start school until August, but I'm sure that you will do just fine! Good luck and enjoy your 1+ week off~
  4. by   iHeartNICU
    Congrats! We learned IVs on dummies and did injections in these injection pad things....don't feel like doing a real injection at all but i guess it gets the point across. Take time to practice in the lab and then also on patients. It's scary to start your first few IVs on real people because we as students know we haven't done that many but you have to learn somehow, right? So jump in there and do them whenever possible. Best of luck!