I am just beyond curious. Where would you place me?

  1. Taking a study break having a snack (= I began to wonder where experienced nurses, directors of nursing, or nursing managers would place me (what unit/area) based on the following:

    I like being involved not mindlessly doing things
    I like being challenged by professors... I actually really do ... And not with endless paper work but case studies and things that get my wheels rolling ... That get me thinking about my skills, labs/meds, and where I come in as the nurse
    I enjoy patient education in clinical rotations, I really do. I know many RNs don't have the time to actually explain to patients and families.. And I'm not talking about me sitting there explaining every darn med but ... I mean being that bridge ... And being able to within scope of practice and knowledge explain what's going on! What did the physician that blurted out all those med terms just say? Taking those 5 minutes to explain to the patient (or family) assuming they have the right to and the patient is stuporous or comatose
    Having to take into consideration all their conditions before applying nursing interventions, I know critical thinking is required everywhere in nursing ... But where can I really break out my critical thinking???
    A place where my skills are not a mindless process but considerations must be taken
    I want be somewhere I can be witness to a recovery and even a deterioration and that recovery and deterioration really depends on the MD, RN, PT, RT, RD, and sooo on... you get it.

    apart from this: I have some good friend that are nurses ... and I am totally aware no job will be THE job... the PERFECT niche ... I know there'll be politics everywhere... I know there'll be slow days, boring days, fast days, days filled with rude family, days I feel like I failed. Unlike so many of my fellow classmates ... I am aware that it's not unicorns and butterflies but....

    based on what I seek ... what unit most closely offers this? or which specialty?

    The Student
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  3. by   arnwest
    I'd say labor and delivery. It can get intense and you have to be able to think on your feet a lot. Plus it's wellness oriented (for the most part), so you have a lot of teaching opportunities. Or maybe critical care, where your assessments are paramount to the patient's survival, not that it always ends well for them anyway. Keep an open mind through your clinicals. You'll find your niche. Just my 2 cents.
  4. by   dah doh
    Most hospital units will do what you described to some degree. Your description sounds a lot like ICU. But an ER nurse might say it sounds like her job; same for med-surg, etc. You need to figure out what clinical rotations you liked or didn't as a student and that will give you a starting point once you start looking for a job. Keep an open mind because you might end up doing a job not quite where you thought!
  5. by   kaydensmom01
    I think that you need to break out your critical thinking in all areas, and need to be able to help people.
  6. by   thelittledoe
    I would think med-surg would be a great opportunity. It certainly gives you a challenge having to know ALL your stuff, instead of focusing on one particular specialty. You really get to have a hand in patient education, especially with your post-ops and d/c's. You can witness both recoveries and deteriorations and critical thinking is an absolute must. There is no cookie cutter answer in this field.

    Overall, you need to be somewhere where there is a melting pot of specialties instead of one particular specialty. Sounds like you are going to make a great nurse. Good luck!