I am at a crossroads....I need help

  1. Hi, I am done all my pre-reqs and I am trying to get into the hursing program but I have three big decisions one my husbend is in the Navy and we will be moving to either San Diego or Jacksonville, I am not sure what if I want my BSN or AA . My second , I guess this would be a problem, my advisiors act as if they can't help me get any info about schools in these areas. My third situtation is what is the big difference between these two degree's? I just recently changed my major, so all of this is new for me
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    hi, bookworm09!

    here is information about nursing. by reading through the various webpages you will find the answer to your questions about the difference between a bsn and an aa. keep in mind that these are degrees offered by a college. so, in a sense you are working for a college degree as well as earning the right to sit and take the nclex exam to become licensed as an rn. these are two different goals that the colleges work into educational plans for you.




    i can't give you information on jacksonville, but being in california i have plenty of links and resources to send you to about california nursing schools. the tuition at community colleges for california residents (you have to live here for a year to be considered a resident) is currently a whopping $20 a credit hour. so, a 3 credit hour course will only cost $60 plus the cost of the textbook.

    http://www.nurse.ca.gov/ - california nurse outreach. the governors nurse education initiative home page. information here on how to become a nurse.

    http://www.rn.ca.gov/schools/rnprgms.htm - list of rn programs in california from the california board of nursing

    http://www.california-colleges-universities.com/ - california college education and university degrees online. lists colleges by area of the state as well as by degrees offered.

    http://www.choosenursing.com/paying/calfinaid.html - financial aid available for nursing students in california

    not that i'm a spokesperson for the state, but i hope you come here. california needs nurses. we have some great nursing schools out here. we also have the nurse staff ratio law in effect that limits the number of patients that a nurse is allowed to be assigned to care for while on duty.

    http://www.california-colleges-unive...rnia-facts.htm - information about california. state icons, climate, culture, economy, geography and history.
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    Thank for the websites, I will be sure to view them.:spin: