How to Recruit New Grad RN's - page 2

by lee white long-suffering husband of a 2005 new grad rn during the past two years, my wife and i have researched new grad rn opportunities across these united states. she will be a new grad... Read More

  1. by   rnmi2004
    Interesting reading. Just remember, you aren't going to be working with the nurse recruiter, so don't be dazzled into jumping into a job by the good ones that go the extra mile to lure you to the job. If you want to be happy in your job, you need to have decent working conditions.
  2. by   rachamim
    I have actively searched for an answer to my query, so please excuse me if I have overlooked an obvious answer already availabel. My friend is a student in the Phillipines set to graduate [RN] in March. Naturally, she is interested in coming to the States and is seeking information on potential recruiters for the NYC metro area. Is there a databank perchance that deals with this sort of situation? Any help offered would be greatly appreaciated.