How to prepare for an interview

  1. How should a new grad with no previous medical experience prepare for a nursing job interview?
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  3. by   verene
    Think through what work experience, clinical experience, and skills you bring from those you currently have and find examples of how your current background will aid you the position you are applying for. Be prepared to talk about team work, deescalation, critical thinking etc and have examples when you utilized these skills. Anything in your background that shows customer service, time management, critical thinking, or strong teamwork and leadership skills is good to pull out and have in your mind.

    Know the facility and the position you are applying for and be able to speak to the particular job/company and why you want this job in particular.
  4. by   tonyl1234
    Something to know about any job you interview for: Literally everyone is responsible and rarely calls out when they're interviewing for a job.

    You're a business of 1, selling your service to where you're interviewing. So why does this hospital want YOU as a nurse over everyone else? Make your strengths benefit them. Sell yourself as a nurse.