How to obtain an Associates or Diploma in Nursing within CUNY schools

  1. Hi Everyone,
    I received my AAS degree in Hospitality Management back in 2008. I have recently returned to school (Lehman College) to pursue my Bachelors.... in Nursing. I am currently taking my pre-requisite classes, in order to apply for the Nursing Program. I have heard it is possible to obtain 2 Associate Degrees. I have also learned that after obtaining an Associates Degree or Diploma in Nursing, I would be able to study for the NCLEX exam and apply for my RN license.

    My questions and concerns are the following:
    1. How can I obtain an Associates Degree or Diploma in Nursing within the CUNY system?
    2. I asked the Nursing Dept at Lehman College, however they are not helpful in regards to obtaining another Associates. The representative mentioned I would need to obtain my BSN to be able to apply for the RN license.
    3. Would I need to transfer to another CUNY school to obtain my Associates in Nursing?
    4. Or, is there another / easier method to pursue rather than transferring out of Lehman and then having to transfer back into Lehman.

    Thank you very much in advance.
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  3. by   rache1rotz
    I'm not sure what CUNY is but I know that you can take the NCLEX with just a diploma or associates. You do not have to have an bachelors.
  4. by   shorti3287
    You simply need to find a school that has a nursing program. If your current college, Lehman does not offer an it you will need to switch schools. You do not need a BSN to become a RN. There are diploma programs, associates programs and on up.

    Since you are looking at CUNY schools, you may also want to post this in the New York section.
  5. by   Guy in Babyland
    Quote from rache1rotz
    I'm not sure what CUNY is
    CUNY is City University of New York. Lehman College offers a BS in Nursing only.

    If Lehman had an ASN and a BSN program, then yes you could get AS degree and take NCLEX, then 2 more yrs and get a BSN. That is what is considered a 2+2 program which CSI, Medgar, and City Tech offer.

    If you want to get your ASN and become an RN, then get your BSN, then you need to go to one of the other 3 schools mentioned above. It is possible to get an ASN from one of those schools or BMCC, Bronx CC, Hostos, KBCC, Luguardia, or QBCC and then get your BSN from Lehman.

    Here is a link: and click on MARITIME TECHNOLOGY- OPHTHALMIC DISPENSING and it will show the schools that offer nursing degrees.
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