How to beg for a certain practicum spot without it looking like begging? LOL!

  1. So, Jan is my last semester in the LPN program and we do a 6 week practicum during the last 6 weeks of school.

    We are allowed to request 3 spots/areas we'd like to have for the practicum. Of course, no guarantees, but they say they will take our desires into consideration.

    I have always, since I was like 6yo, knew I was made to be a maternity or NICU nurse. Its my passion. My friends who are nurses say they cant imagine me working as a nurse in any other area except maternity/nursery (well or sick baby) Actually, I have plans to become a CNM in the future as my ultimate goal.

    So. Any tips on how I can communicate my intense desire to complete my practicum in the maternity area? Thing is, is that there will only be like 3 spots available in maternity. I'm willing to work any shift, any facility in the urrounding area, whatever I have to do.

    Antoher reason this is so important is because we've already had our Childbearing Family course and once I graduate with my LPN in May, I'll be starting up the RN program in the summer. Well, the RN program I'm going into wont have any additional maternity courses, as I'd be coming into th RN program as an LPN, and the RN students I'd be joining would have already completed their maternity course and rotation also. BUT, they got to do their clinicals in the maternity units, but we LPN students didnt, just lecture and "lab" since clinical spots couldnt be found for us.

    So, really the 6 week practicum would be my only maternity experience to offer to a potential employer.

    How to beg for a spot without seeming like a begger? How to do it/say it while still sounding professional and give myself a good chance?

    Sorry this post is so jumbled, I'm in a big hurry to run out the door!
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  3. by   Tweety
    "I'm VERY MUCH interested in.........., I feel it will help me in my future goals and I would learn so I would appreciate............."

    I think mentioning that it ties in with your future plans might be a selling point.
    Good luck
  4. by   Jolie
    Write a professional letter to your instructor or advisor outlining the reasons you stated above. Your post is very convincing, and if you can convery that information in a professional manner to the person who makes the clincal assignments, I think you will have a good chance at getting the rotation you desire. Just don't come off as whining or begging. That drives instructors nuts.

    Good luck!