How to answer nursing school exams & ATI?

  1. Hello all,

    I was wondering if any one can give some advise on how they passed nursing school exams. What textbooks or resources did you all use to improve your grades since you first started taking nursing exams? Also for those that are familiar with ATI what resources did you use to pass the ATI exams? Any advise helps. Please and thank you for your time. Have a wonderful day!(:
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  3. by   pmabraham
    I recommend the following youtube videos:

    Learning Styles - How Do I Use Them To Do Better In Nursing School? - YouTube
    Test Taking Tips for Nursing Students - YouTube
    Why Did I Fail That Nursing Test? - YouTube

    I found doing NCLEX questions on a regular basis to be extremely helpful. As you study material in your classes, try to find associated NCLEX questions based on the topics and concepts of the material to test if you are understanding the content.

    I purchased used ATI books on Amazon for pennies to a few dollars plus $3.99 shipping and handling; I found those to be extremely helpful. I would also take the ATI practice tests on associated subject matter we are studying.
  4. by   LJR89
    I purchased Davis'- "Fundamental Success" and "Test Success", both used. They gave study tips and test taking skills.

    for ATI, I used ATI resources. If you explore The site you'll find they provide a ton of resources, pretty much anything you could ever want from practice questions to concept maps to help with note taking. I also use the ATI app "RN mentor" you can create quizzes with questions provided by ATI, they give you the rationales for correct and incorrect answers and allow you to review your strong and weak areas heading into the proctored exams. similarily if your instructors open up the practice tests you can create focused reviews.

    ati to really is an excellent resource even though it's also complete hell to work through during nursing school :***: