How pathetic am I???

  1. Last night I dreamt that I was doing clinicals. I had 8 pts and the hospital was absolutely crazy. The PACU had 300 surgeries that day (usually 60-80) and my wing was getting most of the post-surgeries. We had patients sitting in the halls waiting to be taken care of. Totally crazy. shift was from 0700-1900. The time was 1300 and I suddenly realized that I had not given ANY of my morning meds. I was so totally freaking out!!!! So I go through all of my pts MAR sheets and to my total jubilee...none of my pts had morning meds. (yea that would ever happen). I was soooo happy in my dream.
    Well then...I get woke up from my dream with a wet kiss from my dog. I started thinking about my dream and thought...duh...they were all my pts from last Sunday (I work as a NA) and I was in the NA position not the student nurse! :trout: Thus the title of this post I am totally pathetic!!!!!
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  3. by   franciscangypsy
    i've done something like that before. lol

    i've dreamt about changing pt's briefs before (a couple years ago) and started freaking out in my dream about how i couldn't afford to miss any nursing classes and clinicals when my parents unexplicably took me home during a school week in my dream.

    most pathetic of all, however, is the fact that today, after my midterm, i started complaining to my rooommate b/c i had no idea what to do with my time since for four days i have nothing to do except flu shots tomorrow. she started laughing at me with no sympathy whatsoever, the evil girl.
    it is sad and pathetic when studying becomes so much a part of one's life that time without it is confusing.

    does that make you feel a little less pathetic?
  4. by   Deb123j
    Quote from franciscangypsy
    does that make you feel a little less pathetic?
    maybe just a little!!!
  5. by   Wondergirl0905
    I haven't started clinical yet, but a few weeks ago I dreamed that I put the wrong student ID on my patho test's bubble sheet. They had warned us that if we messed up on the ID number that we'd get a zero for the test. I woke up in a panic, believing that the dream was somehow true for a good half-hour or so. Then laughed at myself when I woke up and was thinking a little more clearly.
  6. by   locolorenzo22
    Nope....I think we all go through these periods....
    I've had quite a few interesting ones....

    When I did clinicals at LTC, I freaked out and dreamt that I had 8 patients, no clue what I was doing, assessing everyone without clothes on, the drug carts were empty, and I had to convince 2 old ladies to put down the boxing gloves....
    In Med/Surg, I dreamt that I forgot to give ALL my meds all day and no one caught me, the instructor found out later and I had to drive 2 hours back to the hospital and give everyone their meds and tell them why...
    When I started working at the hospital, I would scream in my sleep, because I dreamt there were 15 call lights on at once, the nurses were gone, it was just me, and I would actually wake up with leg cramps....
    Boy, I can't wait to see what I dream bout with OB starting this week!!

    So, NO you are not pathetic, dreams are usually the first signal that hmmmm, I should get used to things...
  7. by   nurz2be
    Quote from Deb123j
    I am totally pathetic!!!!!
    Join the nursing student madness dreams group.

    I had 2 that woke me in a cold sweat and one of those lead me to an embarrassing moment with one of my instructors.

    I had a dream on night that we were having our final test for one of our classes, pharmacology. The instructor, who in real life would be compared to ummmmm...the devil, set out 6 cups in front of each of us. We had a drug book to look at. The pills were not labeled and we were told that we had to pick which one was lasix, Ibuprofen, Hydrocodone, Darvocet, Lithium, and Percocet.

    Sounds easy enough, until she said that once we discover the Ibuprofen we are to give that pill to her and she is going to take it in front of us. OK PANIC has set in. Immediately in my dream I open the book and search and search and search. In my searching I found the pictures in the back and compared my pills to those in the book. I saw other students giving her the wrong meds. I WAS SHOCKED. After each student would give her the wrong pill she would start having a seizure. Each time I would become more and more unsure about what the heck I was doing. I was the last to give her the pill I decided was Ibuprofen. I gave her the pill and she puked on me. I woke in a terrible sweat because that day in class was our pharmacology test. I peeked around the lab corner to make sure there weren't any pills on my desk.

    Dream 2.... I was having a dream that I was being chased by a cadaver, we had been to the morgue this particular morning. It would chase me up the stairs, in the elevator, around the nurses stations. When I opened my eyes, there was a very pale, mean, agitated nursing instructor looking right in my face, I jumped and fell out of my chair. (I had dozed off after I completed my exam, my instructor kindly woke me up when everyone was done).

  8. by   Deb123j
    Quote from nurz2be
    Join the nursing student madness dreams group.

    I had 2 that woke me in a cold sweat and one of those lead me to an embarrassing moment with one of my instructors.
    Oh my do you continue school after dreams like that???