How much did you spend on books for the upcoming semester? - page 2

Today, I received the list of required textbooks for my first semester of nursing school in January. My initial reaction was to scream and faint. Then I woke up, remembered why I'd fainted, and... Read More

  1. by   collegebound
    Quote from juairefamily
    I actually went to my college bookstore and got all the prices for all the books i need for my classes to see what the price difference is compared to online..Anyway i havent found much of a diff..Juairefamily
    I didn't find much difference either (I referenced many different sites, too)but ended up buying at Barnes & Noble using my discount card. I have already bought $250 for next spring with another $550 on order. They should be in next week. And like somebody else said, I will still have to buy the supplies, uniforms, name badges, CPR course, etc. I didn't realize it would be quite this expensive--Sheesh!!
  2. by   amyk_ncsu
    As soon as I buy the A&P book, it'll be about $1000. Most of the books will be used in subsequent semseters so I wont have to buy nearly as many after this.
  3. by   PeachyERNurse
    This semester, I spent around $600 for books, $70 for my steth, $50 to take the HESI for two classes. Next semester, I'll only be spending around $200 b/c most of our time is going to spent in clinicals that require no book. Yay!!!
  4. by   tx2007
    First semester books $900, second semester books $200, Third semester books $300, and next semester its about $200. Thank God I have a scholarship that pays for tuition, books, uniforms and supplies!! They gave us an estimate of $7,000 for the two year program but I think after EVERYTHING it will be about $10,000.