How many of us are returning to Nursing School?

  1. Just wondering how many of us there are who are returning to school? How long has it been since you were last in school? How do you feel about coming back?
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  3. by   Carolanne
    I'm a returning adult -- decided to go back to school in 2000 at age 40. I had to pretty much start from scratch again with english, psych, sociology, chemistry, bio, on and on before I could start the nursing program. Anyway, I still don't know why I did this to myself, but after being out of school for over 20 years, the first course I started out with was chemistry. I still can't believe I dove in head first like that. It must have been because I started in the summer and the selections are limited, but I at least could have chosen psych or sociology or something to kind of get my feet wet .... anyway, I managed to pass it, and have been going ever since. I plan to graduate nursing in May. I've been going part time, working too, so it's taken me a little longer. As much as I groan and moan about it sometimes and get stressed, I think I will miss it when it's all over. I've had a good time and met a lot of nice people along the way.