How many of us are 25 - 35 yrs. old? - page 8

I'm just curious....most of the nursing students in my courses are about my age....29 give or take a few I was told that the daytime students are a lot younger. Fatima "RN... Read More

  1. by   fnimat1
    How are you all doing? How was the semester? How did you handle your families?

  2. by   studiouslpn
    Just made 25........I graduate July 19 (God willing!!!!) from the lpn program.
  3. by   fnimat1

  4. by   secondcareer
    I am 28 and will be starting the BSN program in the fall. By the time I graduate I will be 31. It is heartening to know so many future nurses are out there who have started after 25.
  5. by   rnoflabor2000
    Some of us, well after 25! I graduated at age 34. Second career choice. Like it much better, even though the pay is way less.
  6. by   Whisper
    some of us are well under 25, it is my birthday tomorrow and even then i will not be 25! in fact i won't even be there by the time i graduate. Cross fingers
  7. by   nursejws
    I just turned 31 and am just starting out. I recently changed my major from Telecommunication Management, with one year to graduate, to Nursing. I just do not know where to begin!!
  8. by   agent
    im 26!
  9. by   manna
    I'm 26, and if all goes as planned, I should graduate by the time I'm 30 - seems like a good year!
  10. by   ibmissy
    I'm 31 and will be starting classes soon during the day.
  11. by   agent
    welcome i be missy..
  12. by   Roxie187
    I will be 31 in November. Still working on prereqs and praying to get accepted into the program for Spring 04. Welcome and good luck to you ibmissy.
  13. by   Nrs. LaLa-Land
    Just turned 30 this summer. Still in denial!!! I like to think of it as the 9th Anniversary of my 21st birthday. I graduate in Dec. with an ADN!!!