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I'm just curious....most of the nursing students in my courses are about my age....29 give or take a few I was told that the daytime students are a lot younger. Fatima "RN... Read More

  1. by   babynursewannab


  2. by   havok
    26... and a guy.... double minority in nursing?
    not really, there seems to be alot of 25+ students in my class of 250
  3. by   ggfifirn05
    I just started back to school this semester, and I'll be 46 in a few weeks. I've been working in the accounting/financial world since graduating high school nearly 30 years ago! But nursing has always been my dream, and my life has finally got to the point where I can focus on what I want to do with it; not what husband or kids need me do. I get alot of inspiration from all your posts, and feel like I really have a great support network out there.
  4. by   donnaste
    I am 28, almost 29. I refuse to be called hold I hold that one for my parents. I really thought I would be in the wrong age group by deciding to go back to school now. I am really happy I won't be the only one my age. Whoppee!!
    I'll be 31 when I finish my ASN. Whew!!
  5. by   fnimat1
    That's right Donnaste, you aren't old you are just beginning!!!! That's how I look at it.... .....I'll be 31 when I finish my nursing program too....I turned 29 in January. From that day my priorities changed, everything changed. So hold on to that thought of not being're only as old as you feel.

    "RN 2B in 2004"
  6. by   mario_ragucci
    I guess I'm way to old to cut the mustard at 37...I'll be 39 when I receive my RN.

    Sorry, I know this thread is for 25-35 year olds, so I'll just take my cane and hobble away.

  7. by   Zhakrin
    27 year male nursing degree student here!
    Ex- paramedic x 3yrs
    Ex- boyfriend x infinity
  8. by   rkflpn
    Not quite sure how this works, but here goes anyway.
    I am 27, will be 28 in a couple of months, working slowly on my LPN, to turn around and go back to school for my RN , to BSN to MSN. Since the last three steps are going to be part time studies instead of full time like i am now, figured out that i will be 42 years old when i have finally reached my goal but oh well it will all be worth it in the end........right?????
  9. by   Brownbetty
    I just turned 25 on the 11th of March so now I can join this club
  10. by   Teresy_Jane
    Hello all!! I'm 29 and will be the big 3-0 on May 11. 1st year ADN with 3 kids and a husband (so 4 kids!). Our youngest will begin kinder when I graduate!!
  11. by   fnimat1
    Happy 25th Birthday Brownbetty!!!!!

  12. by   maire
    Because I feel the need to contribute to this thread...
    I'm 29 now, will be 29 again this June and 29 twice more before I graduate!
  13. by   fnimat1
    ROFTLMBO!!!!!.......I agree, I think I'll need to adopt this :chuckle :chuckle .

    RN 2B in 2004....and I'll still be 29!!!