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Hello all, How many hours do you average a week studying for nursing classes? I start this fall in adn progam and I was talking to a women who is finishing up her first semester of nursing, she said... Read More

  1. by   Rhoresmith
    I sooo agree with purplekath study study study but take some time for yourself, I only had classes M-Th and I tried to never study on Thursday night unless I was going up to take a test on Friday, then I didnt study Friday night. If you don't take some time away you burn out so fast. I took my books, notes with me everywhere, my sons games, practices, waiting in the car to pick him up. At one point I made the study cards and was studing in the grocery line ( hey one card looked at is one card) try to study when you are not so exhausted that it all blurrs together because you arent retaining anything anyway go to be and sleep and get up an hour early and study then. Good luck and hope this helped it has worked for me thru 2 semesters