How long do I get to decide? Acceptance letters?

  1. I am applying to multiple schools to cover my bases. If I get acceptances to them how long do I get to make my decision? The first school sends letters in September but my #1 choice doesn't send letters until December. I don't want to turn down a school while waiting on #1 but someone told me today you only get a week or two to accept or decline! Is that true?! Please help!
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  3. by   QEOLAdvocate
    Normally in your acceptance letter the school tells you a date that they want a deposit and your intent to enroll form.. so that's how long you have from the date you get your acceptance letter.. so make sure when you get your letters.. you read over the letter.. (after jumping up and down and screaming for joy )... cause you dont want to miss out on important information..
  4. by   seamel
    You can always make the deposit, and then drop out later if you get into your first choice. I mean, you would be out about $200 dollars but it would be something I would consider doing; makes sure you have a spot SOMEWHERE but leaves your options open for your first choice school
  5. by   %63theend
    Thanks! I was wondering if that would be an option.
  6. by   QEOLAdvocate
    Sorry I should have been clearer.. normally the date that they want the intent to enroll form is different from the deposit.. and there's nothing wrong with sending out your deposit to multiple schools (other than possibly losing your deposit if you dont' go to that school)... that's what I did... because I wasn't sure which school I wanted to go to.. and I just ended up losing my deposit for one school..
  7. by   %63theend
    Awesome! Thanks!