How is your program set up?

  1. i was just wondering how other programs are set up, for example, do you do all of ob, psych etc., at one time? this is how my adn program is set up .

    1st semester: basic skills, baths, linen changes, vitals signs etc. the concepts of basic needs, growth & development, wellness-illness, the nursing process, and medication administration. the course then progresses to simple alterations such as the need for fluid balance, pain, alterations in mobility (sprains, etc.), rom, common skin disorders (lice, impetigo,
    measles, dermatitis, etc.), psychosocial needs (fear, anxiety, etc.), urinary (uti's, caths), fecal (constipation, diarrhea, enemas), and nutrition.

    then each semester builds on the last, with the alterations in basic needs becoming more and more complex. this semester (2nd) started with ob, but only "normal" with no complications, then in the 4th semester we will do ob again but with complexe alterations. this semester in endocrine we covered diabetes and next semester we will cover the adrenal glands etc.

    is this how other adn programs are set up? what about the bsn programs? thanks for the info.
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  3. by   peaceful2100
    At my program which is a BSN program

    First semester (2nd semester of sophomore year) we do all the fundamental stuff like beds, baths, injections, medications, caths, nutrition like TPN, restraints, mobility, elmination, urinary, airway management including trach care, ostomy, and other fundamental things
    We also have pathophysiology the first semester and we do everything.

    Then second semester (1 semester of junior year) we have muscoskeletal/mobility, integument, pain, fluids/electrolytes, perioperative, sleep/rest, anxiety, stress management, grief/loss, thermal injuries (which is burns), elmination, chronicity, sensory/perceptual, rehab, sexuality, wellness, drug calculations, environment, unintentional injuries, immunization. All of this focus on nursing managment and focusing on providing safe client care and meeting needs of clients across the lifespan.

    Third semester we are divided up into 2 groups which is the second smester of our junior year. My class had 40 students at the beginning of the semester

    So 20 of us went into Group 1- Which was the group I was in. We had content on adult/peds hematologic, adult/peds neuro, OB-which included EVERYTHING reproductive, reproductive complications, pregnancy, pregnancy complications, birth, birth complications, postpartum, postpartum complications, newborn, newborn complications. IT was NOT in that order but we went through it all. We also did peds cardiovascular, Peds/adult respiratory. Those were our lectures that focused on health promotion, protection, disease prevention, nursing/client care, implementations. We did clinicals in community, Peds and OB.

    Group 2- Focused on Adult/peds GI, Adult cardiovascular, Adult/peds endocrine, Adult/peds Genitourinary, immunologic, cancer and all Psych. Clinicals in that group focused on Pysch, Adult Med-surg, and Adult ICU.

    Then fourth semester (1 semester of senior year) Group 1 goes to group 2 and group 2 goes to group 1. It does not mean one group is better than the other or smarter than the other. It just means the computer randomly selected who would go where.

    The fifth semester (2nd semester of senior year) We have a 4 week community teaching project, an then our preceptorship in the area of our choosing. We also have a class on Leadership and management and health care management and economics.

    So once we do an area they cover everything they will ever say about that area In one semester and that will be the end they will never say anything to us about it again. Unless we come to them with questions.