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My husband is a teacher, and so we take quite a few week to 3 week trips during the summer. Is it possible to take off time (unpaid of course) and switch shifts, pick up other shifts? Or is it... Read More

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    ok, I know I'm really gonna show my ignorance here..........what is per diem? Do you mean agency? I know agency is not a good idea for a new grad. You've all been full of great info! Heather
    Per diem, contingency, PRN.... all different words different institutions use for staff thet are only utilized on an as needed basis. They usually get a little more an hour, but are not eligible for benefits, and they do not earn sick or vacation time. You work this status at an institution. Of course you can do it for more than one place.

    Agency is when you work for a place that will send you to a bunch of different institution. For lack of a better analogy, they're like pimps. Places will utilize an agency when they can't get the help from their own staff.

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    How funny Heather! If only the pay was that good huh? JUST KIDDING! It probably wouldn't be a good idea tho considering, being a new grad huh? I want all the help, training, mentoring I can get! Thanks so much for 'splaining it everyone! Heather