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I'm in a 15 months LVN program, been in since June 13th. First part was A&P and then on Sept 1st we started fundamentals and the TRUE part of the nursing program. Anyways we are allowed to miss 2... Read More

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    While I agree it seems like a lot of work, i do think the hours should count as an absence. I my program you got to miss 10 hours of clinical per semester (1 day) 3 people got booted for missing 2. OUr instructors basically said that they have to be here and so do we. they said we needed to make a decision on what was most important to us school or other. if we chose other than we needed to decided if we wanted to continue. They made no exceptions, tests were on mondays at 9. if you weren't there then oh well. they were strict but i liked it.
    Don't get me wrong, nursing is very important to me, however I just spoke to a classmate and found out they didn't even get through all of the reports, yet I am still to do my assignment on ALL of them that were supposedly missed! Plus I have just done 2 (of the 16) and it's taken me over an hour to just write them and this is from using my Davis book of diagnostic tests!
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    Although I totally think it is overkill, look on the bright will know so much more than everyone else! OK, I know that doesn't help.

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    To the OP, that is insane. I'd be furious.
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    in my class if you miss a day, you miss a day...we dont have to do anything extra...if we miss a quiz or test we are allowed to make it up. Our instructors ask us to email or call if we are going to be absent so they dont worry. There are only 28 of us and we move as a cohort (meaning we are all in the same class at the same time all the time). We have the same teachers for the whole program too though, so we know them pretty well.

    If an assignment is due that day they let us email it. The instructors go out of their way to schedule our tests and quizzes around our schedule (other tests and such). If you personally have a confliction then they will make arragements for you, as long as you come to them and ask.

    All of our syllabi are tentative and if we need a few more days to work on something we just have ask...I was sick the other day and I just called my clincial instructor at home and she said dont even worry about it. I have to make up the clinical hours that I missed but she gave me the option to have an "alternate" experience..I can pick whatever I want to do in the hospital and as long as I am there from 7-2 or for the same amound of hours its ok with her...

    Sorry you have to do all that work OP, that seems totally unfair to me..geez thats a ton of work, you are prob still working on it!

    What are some of your topics, I can forward you some info/research maybe that will save you some time!!! PM me with your email addy if u want help
    Sounds as though your program is really lenient. I can only hope mine is as understanding. We'll see....
    Good luck to you.