How do YOU define nursing?

  1. what is nursing all about?
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  3. by   Jen2
    I have worked in the medical field for 7 years b4 deciding to go into nursing and while I was growing up I was ill and faced with quite a few surgeries and hospitalizations. During these years I had angels providing care for me, but also reading me bedtime stories, giving me back rubs, and always going above and beyond their call of duty to help me heal. These angels were nurses. So you can say that I have always held nurses in high regards. Once I became a Medical Assistant, I had to often correct people when they called me "nurse". However when patients referred to me as nurse I got this incredible feeling and I then had to say "no I'm not a nurse." I finally took this feeling and went back to school with it. It is my calling. I cannot wait to learn much more about the human body and then teach others about this knowledge in a compassionate way to them while they are healing, which is my perception of nursing. I love the idea of truly understanding the way a system works and the way a certain med, diet, position, whatever can change someone for the better and making sure that they also understand this. My classmates would probably say job security and money. Had a male student at orientation for my fall ADN program ask the dean, "When will we be able to go to the hospital to see blood and guts?" I will be anxious to see how many students out of my class of 40 will still be there in two years.
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    Sorry, just wanted to clarify my point. My point is that many of my class mates don't really have a perception on nursing. They only feel that it's a decent job with a decent pay.
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    Ha! Oh, my! People go into this for money? Are they aware there is much more money to be had elsewhere? I left a professional position as a manager where I telecommuted full-time. Yes, I worked in my jammies some days, boxer shorts and a T-shirt on other days...did laundry at lunch and on breaks, no commute, you get the point. And I was making about three times what I'll start out making as a nurse. Here's the catch...I hated it. I dreaded every minute of every day I worked.

    I quit and now am getting my second B.S. - this time in nursing. And I'm happier than I've been in a very long time. I'm doing this because I think we are all put here for a purpose. My purpose was not to score a good salary, help the rich get richer and be miserable every day.

    You all may have figured this out already - but it wasn't too long ago that I realized we don't all have the same level of compassion. There are people who can see pictures of starving children or abused animals and just say "hmmm" and move on. Then there are those of us who are both blessed and cursed...we see the injustice, the suffering and the pain clearly and potently. After 33 years of seeing this...and finally realizing that this wasn't something everyone felt...I realized my purpose was to go out and ease misery where I can.

    It was an epiphany of sorts. I guess it finally dawned on me that happiness is not being able to pay the bills and buy whatever I want. Happiness is lying down at night and hearing the laughter of the elderly man you joked with that day - or seeing the smile of the toddler who you've comforted - or just KNOWING you made a difference in someone's life. When you are sick or hurt, you are scared and feel a loss of control. I want people to know I've got their back. Once, when in the hospital myself, I remember thinking that patients all needed someone they trusted who also knew medicine and understood what was going on. Guess what...that someone is supposed to be the nurse. So, when I walk into a patient's room for the first time, I always remind myself that I'm going to be that trusted, knowledgable person for them. I'm going to be a temporary extension to their family and they'll know the comfort of having someone in charge who knows the ropes.

    Sorry...I got to rambling there. Let's just say nursing is a passion for me.

    I also have those people in my classes who are just getting by and just want a job. I hope to God that they never care for someone I love.