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  1. by   nursedawn67
    When I remotely feel anything coming on I try to get extra sleep, I drink OJ or the SOBE drinks with the vitamins and herbs for fighting colds and flu, I drink plenty of water and I take supplement drops. I take vitamins on a regular basis. And when my kids are sick (ages 14, 13 and 11) I taught them to wash their hands well, wipe down the counter in the bathroom and then spray with a disinfectant spray and to dispose of the washcloth and towel they used into the washer. So far (knock wood) I haven't gotten anything major.
  2. by   RN-PA
    I agree with most all of the suggestions. When I was in nursing school and the first year of working as an RN-- when stress for me was at its highest-- what kept me from getting sick was: prayer (leaning on and drawing close to God), tears (crying out the stress), sweat (exercising out the stress), laughter, adequate sleep, vitamins, and eating as nutritiously as I could. The love and support of a great husband and a few good friends also went a long way to keeping me sane and relatively healthy.

    When I feel a cold coming on, they seem to go away or be "light" if I get them, when I immediately increase my fluid intake and sleep as much as possible. By keeping up with exercise and listening to my body and emotions (I feel "cries" building up from stress and sadness at work or just from life circumstances, and have a good cry from time to time-- very cleansing and healing), I've been blessed by remaining fairly healthy.
    I'm a poor example... I'm so sick right now

    Going to bed with some OJ, Motrin, and vitamins...

  4. by   betts
    From your nursing training,A&PI,II; Critical thinking and common sense...Diet,exercise,cleanliness.