How Did You Pay Your Way Through Nursing College/university - page 3

I'm doing upgrading this fall.... and hope to go to college next year.... but being a single mom and knowing all the resposibilities that come with that.... and having to handle all my own... Read More

  1. by   FranEMTnurse
    I received a full scholarship, and I lived on the money I received from the sale of my home.
  2. by   mlw2010
    Does anyone know about scholarships/grants for people in masters entry level programs? (programs you enter w/o an RN)? Or money available for people in MSN programs? Thanks!
  3. by   snowboardgirl

    Yes if you have the will there is a way. Take a school loan, you may also qualify for grants if you are not amkeing over a certain amount. Please I have my AA no parents or family to pay for it, took all the school loans possible. The interest rate is unbelievably low (no other loan would be so low-because its to better your self, our economy) plus you don't have to make payments until 6 months after your done with school. Plus anyone will qualify for a loan- ITS FOR SCHOOLing, Unless you run into problems not paying back any previous school loans then I don't know that issue. But if not, the school loans are to pay for your tuition, books, and misc. living factors that help get you through school!!! You just have to make sure your keep up to par with moving addresses with the loan dept. and they also work with your monthly repayments, if for some reason during repayment, you can let them know what you can pay back at the time, and that will keep you in good standing for repayment no dings against your credit. Plus if you stay in school at least 1/2 time you won't have to pay for 6mths after your last day for the 1/2 time of schooling. Plus not knowing your background there are always scholarships that can help!!