How can I know if this is what i want to do???

  1. I am going to be applying on December 1st but I have been thinking that maybe I won't like nursing. Does anyone know of something I can do sort of get a little experience. I have already picked away at all of my prereqs so now i feel like i am stuck doing this or it is going to be a waste of a year. I tried to get a job at a hospital but they said that they didn't need anyone at this time and from what i have heard even if they did it wouldn't even be nursing related.

    Help!! I feel like i might be wasting time and $$

    confused: Erin :
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  3. by   Rena RN 2003
    have you asked about job shadowing a nurse for a shift at your local hospital?

    call up the nurse education department and ask about it. you can follow a nurse for a shift or 2 (or how ever many) and see the types of things a nurse deals with daily.

    and don't think of your prereques as a waste if you decide not to do nursing. the real waste would be if you went through the pain and agony :chuckle of nursing school and then found out that it's not what you want.
  4. by   renerian
    Good idea rena. My son got a job at the hospital as an aide to see if he likes nursing. He did and he started some courses in it.