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  1. Heya Folks,
    I know I've asked this before but I got little to no response. I'm hoping for better luck this time.

    I'd like to know if any of you have opinions on the ADN schools in south and southeast Houston. In particular, San Jacinto, Alvin Community and Galveston College.

    I've seen the NCLEX pass rates for all three for FY2001 -
    Galveston College 85.0%
    San Jacinto Community College - Central 87.6%
    Alvin Community College 90.7%

    I've heard that San Jac is the better pick but when I ask why, the response I get is either A) "I hear they have a really high pass rate on NCLEX" (which isn't true, its actually about average for the city) or B) the vague "I hear it is a really good school" but with no further explanation. I also hear San Jac is a tough school to get into. Of the 3, I know they have the highest number of prereqs.

    Should I base my choice primarily on the NCLEX pass rates? If not, what other guages would you use to help you pick a school? Do employers really care which school you went to or how well you did or do they only really care that you passed the NCLEX?

    I'm trying to cover all my prereqs for all 3 (which is actually fairly easy since I already have an AAS degree) and likely will apply to all 3 just to cover my bases (shotgun approach, basically).

    Thanks in advance!
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  3. by   Vsummer1
    Passing the NCLEX is what makes an RN, not just going to the school. They may be good schools, but programs teach differently. What you want is a school that will teach you the critical thinking necessary to be a good nurse as that is also how the NCLEX is written.

    Our program is good enough that UCLA hires our RN grads, which says a lot about how other schools view our ADN program. We are about 65 miles away from there, out in the boonies. Plus, our program has a 90 - 100% pass rate (some semesters just seem to have done better than others).
  4. by   pedinurse07
    I'm an alvin grad my best friend went to san jac and honestly youll get a great education at both schools and find work with no problem, the main diffrences i found is alvin has a slightly (very slightly) higher pass rate on the NCLEX, san jac had fewer students fail out of the program, and i got to do more clinicals in the medical center than my friend wich unless your allready an lvn is really important because its the only thing thats on your resume When i applied for jobs it looked good that i had worked in Texas Childrens Methodist and St. Lukes, But iether way youll be an RN in 2 years and youll have a great experience
  5. by   akijitsu
    There are a few things to think about...
    find the schools NCLEX pass rate of course, but also find the number of people they graduate compared to the number they admit.
    There are schools in the Houston area that fail over 50%, and sometimes as high as 75% of their students. They may have good pass rates on NCLEX but my guess is a lot of the students who fail out could have passed the NCLEX. Failure rates this high indicate a problem with the school, not the student. These numbers you will have to ask for, because the schools don't publish them.
    Almost done with my 3rd degree here, work with med, nursing, and allied health students ever day. My opinion is, if you are confident in your abilities and are motviated to learn, the school doesn't matter.
  6. by   SA2BDOCTOR
    Try Houston Community College Systems located in the medical center.