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I have managed to do all my science prereqs with out too much trouble - but have hit a wall with Micro- so bad that I have had to drop it or risk a bad grade (and then a severe drop in GPA) I don't... Read More

  1. by   Nurse-o-Matic
    I really agree with your point on the motivation thing. It's hard for me to learn in classes I am not interested in. There will be plenty more of these "boring yet important" classes to come by the time you complete your degree. Here are some things I've done to keep myself interested and motivated with courses I don't enjoy:

    1. In class I try to sit in the front so there are less distractions
    2. I commit myself to participating in discussions and asking questions at least a few times per class to stay alert
    3. I commit one hour per day of reviewing the notes for the class and reward myself with a starbucks coffee at the end of the week if I have kept up
    4. I try making up silly stories or mnemomics with a study buddy to make it more fun

    Try making up a list that might work for you and then stick to it. I hope this helped.
  2. by   truern

    I wish I had found this site at the beginning of my micro lab...would have saved me some major floundering

    I can't help you with the lecture portion of micro...you just have to memorize and understand

    Good luck..
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