Hi, new here and a few questions.

  1. I'm sort of new. Haven't posted much and have been mostly lurking. I went to school (lpn) last Summer (pre-req's) and was supposed to start back August 2006 and graduate December 2007, but because money and health probs I had to wait. Makes me a little sad to think I could be graduating this time next year. Oh well, I applied for a RN school for Spring 07 and if I don't get in there I plan on going back to the lpn school in either Jan or June 07. Sooo just wanted to say hi and I am so excited to start school again! I am sooo fascinated by pregnancies/childbirth and hope to work in L&D or an OBGYN office one day. I am also the Mother of two small children and wondering if anyone else is trying to get through school with kids? I just hope if I get into the RN program I will have enough study time to make the grade. I don't want to be waiting forever to start clinicals! How is everyone here handling school so far? Who's still waiting for school to start? What is your interest in nursing?
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