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hello to all my fellow nursing students! my name is Jillian and i am a sophomore nursing major, almost ready for my junior year. i just wanted to indtroduce myself! i'm looking forward to getting... Read More

  1. by   SparkleQueen

    I dont know if I can offer you any advice than you already know, but I'll try. First and foremost, before next semester begins, get all your med-surg books and if you know who your med-surg prof will be, ask him/her what you should concentrate on reading for the first exam. LOL she'll probaby say everything!! After every lecture, I find it helpful to go to my book and read up on what we just covered in class along with filling in all the "holes." As for studying for the exams, make sure you focus on the Nursing Process and how it applies to whatever topics you are covering. On my first exam, I made the mistake of focusing too much on physiology. Don't get me wrong, thats important too but I wouldn't get carried away. While youre studying, try to visualize yourself at the bedside with the patient. I also find NCLEX books very helpful, anything by Saunders is excellent.....Good LUCK navigating through MED-SURG....