hi, i was hoping someone could help me....

  1. Hi! im a third yr nursing student working on my thesis and i have some topics i wanna try out....

    but my problem is finding some related studies i could use to support my work.....

    does anyone know any website i could go to? that gives free viewing on their articles? ^_^
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  3. by   augigi
    you could try medscape.com - there are some free articles. Otherwise try pubmed for a search and then see which free full texts are available online. If you're a student, you should have access to a literature searching database to use for your thesis research.
  4. by   shock-me-sane
    Are you not able to get online from your college library to search and view journal articles? if not, you may find a friend that has access to one.
  5. by   hellfire06
    wow. i have the same problem. Im also a third year student. My huge problem is i havent started anything yet. I still dont have a topic and I have a case presentation about intra- op. can anyone help me. any site that could help me.thanks
  6. by   tomoyo_17
    thanks for the websites yoy recommended.... ill try them out... im having a hard time researching because i have a short patience when it comes to computers... ^_^

    and about the library at my school, my school has just recently opened their nursing school, (its a medical institute) im currently on the 2nd batch and they dont have a wide selection when it comes to nursing books and stuffs.... and i dont have enough time to visit libraries around the city....

    thanks for the help... and if anyone has other websites to recommend, it would really come in handy! ^_^