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I just wanted to let eveyone know that I haven't jumped ship.I did however stay home from clinical today,just couldn't deal with it. I had a rough day yesterday and needed a break. Anyways I am... Read More

  1. by   kimmicoobug
    My sister suggested yoga for school-related stress. I haven't actually tried it because of two little ones and lack of sitters, but she said it worked wonders. I like to clean my house (usually messy and is a huge source of stress), make a cup of tea, and read a couple of chapters of whatever book I may be reading.
  2. by   dstudent
    Man do I hear you's all loud and clear!!!!!!!!!

    Things that we all have experienced during our times of STRESS due to the educational ongoings has had me think of giving up many times.
  3. by   Beach_RN
    ((((((Rhona))))) I feel your pain.... I'm can totally relate.... A&P is killing me..... but hang in there.... take your mental health day, regroup.... and you will be ready to jump in again!