Hey ya'll....still alive and kickin

  1. I feel like I haven't been on here in such a long time, but it's really only been a couple of weeks. I'm going to try to check the site daily if I can, life's just been a little wacky lately.

    So, last time I posted, I'd had my emergency appendectomy on the 26th and went back to take my first test on the 28th...

    Since then, I'm gotten all A's on the math for meds tests and medical terminology tests and our second fundamentals test is tomorrow. I'm so glad that we are finally getting into real assessment and nursing skills. This test will have some growth and development, therapeutic communication, and those pesky psych theorists (Freud, Piaget, Kohlberg, Fowler, Havighurst, Erikson....sigh), plus Physical assessment and the nursing process. Nursing diagnoses are just so much fun to interpret...aren't they?

    I've always been the type of student that finds competition within myself and with my own abilities. I'm really blessed that I tend to grasp information easily and learn quickly so I tend to do well academically....but the hard part is not really being able to be proud about that, because if you say anything then people automatically assume it's in an effort to "show off" or something. I try not to say anything about what I get on a test....then someone specifically asks me what I made and when I tell them, they seem to get upset that I did better. I just don't understand that. There is one girl that I know of that scores about the same as me and usually about two points higher, so if she asks, I don't mind and I don't get upset in the slightest if her grades are higher than mine.....sigh.

    I like feeling like part of a team...a member of the class and that we are all in this boat together. There's no room for competition in nursing school that's for sure....and I like to get involved in discussion groups, and ask questions and learn....it amazes me at some of the people in class that don't pay attention, don't take a single note or ask any questions, but then complain that they don't understand a concept....

    Well, I need to get back to studying....hope everyone is surviving this first month or so...

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  3. by   bullcityrn
    Sounds like things are going well for you...that's wonderful! I can't wait until it is my turn to start school and get into the thick of things. Good luck to you as you continue through the program, keep us posted on your progress.