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I took the HESI yesterday as it is required each semester to pass. I scored a 760 and the test and needed at least an 800. We have two chances to take it so I go again in January after some time of... Read More

  1. by   Kambili
    you have to know all your lab values, fundamentals and skills, developmental stages(Erikson and co) esp with the elderly, nutrition, be very good with your pharmacology which includes math and meds, ours had a lot of med surg questions. it felt lik i was taking th e NCLEX and i have NEVER taken the NCLEX b4 in my life! it was HARD! but i am glad i passed on second attempt(which was harder than the 1st)
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  2. by   Kynlee
    I took the fundamentals hesi today and it was horrible! The wording was weird and it had stuff that we haven't even done yet. Horrible!
  3. by   favored

    i know doing bad @ those tests sucks, but don't get discouraged!! I dont know if you get the printout after u take the test, but if you do, just go over the thing you missed and tighten up. I know the wording is weird, and to be honest with you, when I was taking the exit exam I was sitting there just like WHAT?!?!? but, Glory be to God, I passed. I said all that to say just PRAY, keep persevering, keep reading, and keep going. A friend of mine was telling me that a lot of stuff that was on the test was in the Saunders Comprehensive Book, so I think thats a good book to buy (I know its rough having to buy book after book, but think of it as an investment in you!) U can do it!!!!
  4. by   Kynlee
    Yeah, we get the printouts. I passed with a 920 but it was so hard. I think I'll look into getting that book. Thanks! I have fundamentals reiview and rationales book, which did help me but I don't think I could have ever been prepared for what was on that hesi.......