HESI Advice Please

  1. I just failed the HESI with a score of 830 (80%). I really feel my failure was due to lack of knowledge because I had no idea what many of the questions were even asking me. I have one more chance to retake it in August, but if I fail I have to repeat the last year of school.

    Does anyone have any suggestions? It's not like I have time to break out the 50 pound med surg book along with all the specialty books and restudy all of the content. I don't know where to even begin. I have studied the HESI book and CD, and I have done tons of practice NCLEX questions.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated!

    Thanks, Sabira
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  3. by   ruizaa76
    There is no way of re-learning everything u learned thus far in nursing school. From my HESI experience I believe there is no certain way of studying for that test. I understand that the school chooses the questions and the questions tend to be harder than the NCLEX. What is the score your school required you to get? At my school is was 850.....so your score was not a bad one nor does it mean you havent learned anything.
  4. by   Sabira
    Thanks for responding. My school requires an 870. I guess I will continue reviewing the HESI study guide and do practice questions along with my lecture notes and hope for the best. It's very scary to be in this sitation after all the sacrifices. I'm downright losing it right now.
  5. by   ruizaa76
    Dont stress yourself out. I had to take 2 hesi test. One @ the mid point and the 2 @ the end. For the 1st I studied hundreds of nclex prep questions and various CD's and I did great on that hesi. For the 2nd hesi I did the same form of studying and did not do as well on that test. I also felt as if there was just no way of studing for that 2nd test. You have til Aug just study certain # of quest in certain areas a few nites a week. But try no to stress bc then you may become discouraged and you will lose focus of the final outcome. Good luck
  6. by   NurseLatteDNP
    Couple of weeks before my HESI, I just did test questions every day and reviewed all the important facts (insulins, major meds, crutch walking, OB...). Good Luck to you.