Hepatitis B Vaccine... Needing Answers

  1. I am sure for the most of you have had your 3 step Hep. B vaccine and then after the third one about a month later you go and get your blood drawn and the see if your body as made the antibodies?!? Well, I got home from school today and I had a message on the machine from my doctor. She said that my test was negative which means that my body thinks I have never had Hep. B, so my body did not make the antibodies it was suppose to of made.

    What do I do now? Anyone else have this problem or know what I should do? When then checked for Rubella my body had made the antibodies.

    She said I should check with my school about what I should do, since they have requirements. I will but I really wanted this for my own protection from patients who have Hep. B.... I am sure you understand! You never know what your patients in clinicals might have sometimes.

    If any of you can answer this I would greatly appreciate any light you could shine on this. I will call the Dr. back tomorrow but I am curious about things now.

    Amy L
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  3. by   MRed94
    I had the same problem. Took the series x 2, and still nothing. I tested ok for the Rubella and other misc things.

    Doc said not to worry about it, but to be sure and go in if I suspected I was exposed to it, and I think they give you the gamma globulin.

    You might check with your MD., about this, and make sure you get a copy of the lab tests and a letter from your MD stating the facts.

    If there is nothing you can do about it, there's nothing you can do about it....

  4. by   AmyL219
    It makes me feel better knowing I am not the only one with this problem. Wonder why the body will make some antibodies for some things and not for other. The amazing body....

    Thanks Again, I really appreciate it!

    Amy L.
  5. by   debbyed
    My Hep B took the first time (though I know of people who had to retake the shots)

    My problem is that the Rubella has never taken. Everytime I go to a new hospital I fail the titre and have to have the vaccine all over again. So far that makes 8 times in 20 years. I'm the only ER nurse I know who is truely afraid of getting the measles. I was 26 the last time I had them and I was severely sick for several weeks (and yes I have had them multiple times which some say is not possible.)
  6. by   APinkston
    It has probably been frustrating and scary for you to find out that your body never made antibodies against Hep. B, even though you got the series. I am sure you have talked to your doctor about now and hopefully he has told you some reassuring things. Maybe you could take the series over again and see if your body finally produces antibodies. You could also follow universal precautions for any disease that can be transmiited. If you plan on working at a health care institution or already work at one, make sure you always wear gloves and a gown when coming into contact with a patient's blood. This will help prevent the transmisssion of Hepatitis B.
  7. by   AmyL219
    Apinkston - I have made a DR. appt. for this Tuesday after class. She left me a voice mail message and said it is not uncommon that people don't develop antibodies. It is so odd, my body has made antibodies for other things but not the Hep B.

    I believe my options are getting a booster and or then starting the series over again. I have heard that works for some people and others, well they never develop the antibodies for Hep. B.

    I always, always follow universal precautions for each and every patient but it is just nice to know that you have a vaccine that protects you in the that "just in case" thing. Ya know?

    I use to work at a Hospital in L&D as a Patient Care Assistant. I was always in contact with blood and bodily fluids, but I always used universal precautions .

    As of right now I don't work and am just going to college full time, I begin my clinical work in Feb. so I have a little bit of time before I'll be seeing patients again.

    Well, thanks for responding. I will keep you all updated!

    Take Care,
    Amy L.