Help with tests?

  1. Hello, I was hoping I could get some insight on good ways to take tests for Fundamentals. I studied my butt off for 2 days and the test I didnt do so well. They were the NCLEX type questions..(scenario type) I guess I am just not reading the question right or something. This was our first test and I am in the first semester. I started off bad and now I am so upset. Is there something out there that helps for these tests? I feel so stupid but I know the answers, just how they worded it confused me and I messed up I guess. Any information would be greatly appreciated.. I cannot fail this..

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  3. by   marilynmom
    Do you have the Saunders book? That might help because it gives the rationals for each answer. We are required to work problems in that book to help us with our tests, and I do think it helps.

    We had Fundamentals last semester and the first test is just hard because it is so different, but you will get better the more you take them!
  4. by   justjenny
    Hang in instructors would remind us before the tests to NOT read too much into the questions...meaning do not add information that is not there (invent a scenario in your head) READ the question and figure out what it is asking and what part of the "nursing process" are you using? (assessing, evaluating, etc..)
    When I studied for my NCLEX exam I realized how many of those questions would have helped me through school...if you have the money I would suggest puchasing a Saunders Comprehensive NCLEX review CD/Book or visit your library and study the books there (as a supplement to your normal studying)
    Also, the "made incredibly easy" series will help you in later portions of school if you are really "stuck" ie: fluid and electrolytes can be confusing to some.
    Hope that helps - get a study group of students together too!

  5. by   DDD
    I'm in the first semester as well. We've had two test so far. I got B's on both and I'm frustrated as well. After some reflection I understand what I can do better. I was operating under the assumption that they were trying to trick me...but they're not. I think that will help. Pay attention in lecture. That will be a good indicator or what will be tested.

    Also, there is a work book that goes with out text. The numerous questions, with it's variety, seems to help me get use to the question format. They also post study guide questions on there website with a few other pieces of literature. Look at their website and see if they do the same.

    A lot of people skim the reading and some seem to be doing better than I am (well, my friend has experience in health care...that might help). Maybe I'm getting to caught up in the details and am not seeing the "big picture". So if you're going to read everything, take time to reflect on it and really understand it. It takes me forever to read the material, but it's quality reading.

    We can make it. Just don't give up.