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  1. I'm trying to find some help with Neurological assessment, cranial nerves, Head Injury's and Parkinson's Disease. Thats all that we went over in our Neuro lecture so far.. we have 10 hours left of it so I'm sure I will have more problems with it lol. I am having a hell of a time with the cranial nerves and the assessment. Is there some cool website that could help me out with this? Its all soo confusing and I just don't know how I'm going to learn it all.

    I like to have notes and then read about it in the textbook to enforce it. But my notes are bad because my instructor jumped all around the place and only gave us little tiny spaces to write in so my notes are all jumbled and confusing. Then I Tried to read about it in the book and it jumps around as well and makes it even more frustrating.

    I'm looking for notes that I can possibly print out and study, or some easy/helpful pneuonics to help me remember what each cranial nerve is responsible for, what lobe of the brain is responsible for what, etc. I was going to post this in the Emergency Nursing forum but I figured I"d get a better response here.

    If someone could help me out it would be greatly appreciated. I did a search of the messageboards but did not find much information.
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  3. by   Daytonite
    i have one site that is specific for the neuro assessment. it is listed first. the others have links to neuro assessments. they are all medical school sites, but have good information. - awesome tutorial from the university of utah school of medicine on how to do a neurological examination. includes videos (need quicktime). mental status, cranial nerve, coordination, sensory, motor and gait exams. each section discusses the anatomy, the normal exam and includes abnormal examples with pictures. - the physical exam - this site is set up for medical students, but nursing students can learn from it as well. this link takes you to a page of links to the various parts of the body to be examined. when you link into a body part you will find an explanation of the method to examine that site and what is normal, a button at the bottom labeled "abnormal" will bring up information about abnormal findings during examination of that site. there are also some photographs with some of the pages. the "knowledge" button gives you a little outline breakdown of the pathophysiology going on. a fourth button, "self eval" is a list of test questions--remember these are designed for medical students, so don't feel badly if you miss a few. this is from loyola university medical school. - a very nice site to help with doing physical assessments of patients from the university of california, san diego. explains how to examine the various parts of the body and has lots of photographs showing abnormal conditions and how to assess for them. there are two examples of how to write up your h&p findings on the site as well.
    there is a section on measuring blood pressure. - physical exam study guide lines with some photographs from the university of florida medical school. includes how to perform vital signs.