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  1. Help! I'm drowning here in southwestern BC. I have been working on my nurse refresher since August and have finished all my modules. I still have two assignments to hand in and I am supposed to write my exam in two weeks. HOWEVER, I recently reached the math part of the last module - and I am sunk!

    For some reason, my brain just will not grasp the concepts of doing drug and solution calculations. I have searched the web for help, but only managed to find some that want to sell my books or programs, for which I don't have time. I have done this before, why can't I do it now?

    Does anyone have any suggestions for me or ideas of where to look to get information. I live in a small town in the south Okanagan where I am several hours away from any kind of medical book store.

    Thank you for any advice or suggestions you can give me.

    Linda at Sundance
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    I don't really have any tips but I can tell you about a GREAT book I bought at the Barnes and Noble online bookstore. The title of the book is "Pharmacological Calculations for Nurses". It's a workbook. It gives the formulas and step by step instructions for calculations. I basically taught myself with this book. It made calculations so easy. It only cost about $20.00. Hope this helps....

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    Try this has some tutorials etc.

    Hope this helps
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    Try this link, then go to future nurses, then cheat sheet. This helps a little. I can do math, maybe if you email me I can help a little more, but try this site.