help with a cheater in class

  1. so i just took my final in a 9 week cna/pct class a class mate always got 30-60 on all test and quizes they let her take extraa credit home and doit out of the bokk anyways we took the final we checked eachothers FINAL she got 55 wrong failed it 50% of grade so she wrote me face book and told me after we left she got to study the answer key and retake the FINAL she got 8 wrong so we graduated today and she got an overall grade of 83 it says all quizes average 81 tests 89 final 96 she always got horrible grades but they let her cheat i am so irrate about this it is not fair i want to tell the state on this school i am really good friends with a teacher and she told me that they will not fail anyone so they wont loook bad how can i get a hold of state its not fair that people not understanding this are going to be phlebotomists cna pct ecg/ekg techs i would not want this person to help me out. so my question how do i tell the state and get them in trouble.. also just found out our teacher just graduated lpn school in april 2009 and never toook state test so she is a pn not a lpn and does not know anything everytime we asked something she would say i dont know and the school got in trouble last yr for not haveing liscensed nurses teaching i guess its illeageal please help i am mad
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  3. by   Daytonite
    Print out all the proof you have and write a letter to your state department of health or whatever agency in your state administrates your state nurses aid registry and enclose the proof you have of the cheating.