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  1. Okay, you probably know the schpiel(?). I am a Medical Assisting student, graduating in May. I want to pursue my ASN for Rn next fall. (Thanks to whoever led me in the right direction about the degrees.) Now- My questions are:
    1) What schools do you know of that offer an ASN, that are a good education, and accredited correctly?
    2) Do you recommend doing RN-BSN online?
    3) Ive found a school where you can get your ASN with, and its apparently accredited. You do your clinicals in a school near you when you need to fulfill those credits.

    P.S- It sucks that basically my MA degree is not going to do anything.. lol.
    P.S.S- Question about waiting lists.. anyone know exactly how they work? I figured me being a 4.0 MA student would make me stand out a bit more? Or does that even matter??
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  3. by   BSNtobe2009
    It depends on where you got your MA from. If you got it from a trade school, the GPA could mean nothing, as trade schools don't guarantee the credits you take would even be considered college credits.

    If you got your MA from a community college, then most will probably transfer.

    Every single school works differently, the best place to start, is get an unofficial copy of your transcript (you don't need an official for a "what if" meeting), and schedule a meeting with an advisor in the nursing department of the school you want to attend.

    If you go through the pre-nursing student forum, you'll discover that the requirements vary greatly, and only your school that you plan to attend can answer your questions accurately.

    For many of us, and I'll warn you now, it's not a matter of where we WANT to go, it's a matter of where we can get accepted in the shortest amount of time. Some folks on here are lucky and get multiple acceptances at several schools.